Consulting Services

Strategic Management Planning

MET helps organizations assess, analyze and formulate how it implements and evaluates its programs and services. Our process involves steps to assist managers create complete strategies and implement approaches that impact their bottom line. We carefully consider an organization’s culture, leadership style, best practices and lessons learned in order to achieve measurable, desired outcomes.

Design/Engineering Management Support

We work closely with managers in problem-solving and conflict resolution to avoid conflicts before they occur. We assist project managers to mitigate risk, establish team ground rules before the project starts. Our approach to design/engineering management support specifies the responsibilities and expectations of the project team and other stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.

Environmental Scan Facilitations

Our environmental scanning service is customer service driven and customized to industry specifications. Prior to development, we increase leaders understanding of current trends. Our environmental scanning service provides a way to quickly tap into relevant factual data, customers, staff and/or community perceptions. Our goal is to get everyone, management, stakeholders, and project coordinators on the same page to achieve successful outcomes.

Mediation and Project Coordination

Includes a structured process that allows a mediator to handle, analyze, control and guide parties in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution. We use collaborative approach mediation. Our goal is to facilitate the parties conversation and transform their relationships by creating win-win outcomes.


  • Public Relations Outreach
  • Public Meetings
  • Customized Industry Training

Through experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds and skills,  MET assists organizations to negotiate and shape products in a manner that produces effective results for primary customers and all stakeholders.

NEPA Outreach and Stakeholder Engagements

  • Highway and construction projects call for capacity to provide National Environmental Policy Act Support and construction projects. MET effectively navigates from conceptual NEPA planning to project implementation by providing group facilitation, objective consultation, public information involvement and coordination.
  • We work with regulatory and resources related agency representatives, institutions, public officials, community groups and associations and other general and subject matter specific stakeholders.
  • MET staff are skilled in facilitating planning, moving the governing process, decision-making and problem resolution activities in order to achieve optimal stakeholder involvement, levels of trust, constructive input and sustainable customer engagement.
MET provided NEPA Section 106 services for PennDOT’s Headquarters Road Bridge in Tinicum Township, Bucks County from 2012 to 2014
  • MET works with its NEPA clients in the development of appropriate communications, relationship building, and reliable input gathering. In doing so, we facilitate use of specialized development tools to collect data and obtain feedback.
  • Our best practices and lessons learned reflect value for inclusive stakeholder involvement which is essential to Project Design and Engineering support related to planning, development, coordination, environmental impact and risk assessments.
  • MET customers have provided testimony of MET’s outstanding reputation in objective facilitation based on our public involvement and stakeholder engagement work.
MET worked with SUNOCO and community stakeholders to mitigate the effects of a major plume on the Passyunk community in Philadelphia