Management and Environmental Technologies, Inc. (MET) is a full-service management services, training, placement and management consulting firm. MET is a Pennsylvania corporation, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Philadelphia PA.  The mission of MET is to stimulate community empowerment through organizational development, community engagement facilitation and customized training,  student workforce preparation, technology/STEM skill awareness, career prep/ job prep for underserved young people with a focus on 21st Century learning related to workforce development  and youth career paths.

        MET is a minority, woman owned and operated business with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and PA General Services MBE/WBE/DBE Certifications. For more than 20 years MET has provided contractual services to government institutions, schools, universities, community youth organizations, small businesses, civic and faith-based entities. 

METWorks Youth Development Programs

MET is a PYN WorkReady Service Provider. For Summer 2022, paid student wages are now  $11/hr. for up to 120 hours of work and training during the summer six week period starting July 1, 2022 through mid August 2022. .The program offers Work Experience placements with local public/private sector employers, 21st Century learning, entrepreneurship training, career shadowing, job exposure. Our emphasis targets services to low-income, disadvantaged and underserved minority in-school students ages 14 to 24.

        METWorks youth programs target young residents attending citywide School District of Philadelphia Community Schools with an emphasis on West and Southwest Philadelphia including the West Philadelphia Promise Zone designated by the Obama Administration as one of the six locations in the country with the highest poverty index.

        METWorks program goals are: to implement training and expose students to STEM  education and science/tech-based youth development programs that work; to mentor/coach for academic achievement and work readiness; to match youth to career related summer work experiences, career internships, paid placement opportunities; and to collaborate with a broad range of community partners/stakeholders aimed at achieving improved quality of life and introduction to career paths for urban youth and their families.

        Themes across program learning and studies are computer and financial literacy, career exploration, special projects and work preparation, as well as external education experiences that reduce student fears related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies. Annually, we have capacity to serve approximately 100 in-school youth between the ages of 14 – 24.


WorkReady Summer Program is a 6-week summer training/jobs program for 14-24-year-olds Philadelphia young people. WorkReady Summer offers 100+ different experiences through 80+ partner organizations throughout the city. This summer, the program will offer safe in-person experiences for young people to gain valuable experience and develop critical skills. Each year, high numbers of  young  people apply for the roughly 8,000 opportunities available, so applicants are encouraged to apply early and check their email often. Learn more and apply at

WorkReady is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN)


Youth Participants will be paid $11 per hour for up to 120 hours of in-person and some virtual work site positions. The first 5,000 Participants to Qualify and complete eligibility for the PYN Summer 2022 will receive an incentive of $150 for early enrollment, so go onto the PYN website and complete the application and enrollment process now:
Go to:  – insert in your application our Provider Code# WRS30.

If you need assistance applying, The WorkReady Summer Customer Service Center is open!
Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM
Email: or Call: 267 502-3900 

Worksites! SUMMER ENROLLMENT guidance occurs FEBRUARY 1, 2022 UNTIL APRIL 15, 2022

Worksites are needed for youth Participants for in-person work site placement opportunities.

The 2022 WorkReady METWorks program will build on the success of past curriculum, student input, virtual leaning career modules, reflective learning and practice sessions related to career pre/job prep instructions, college and vocational postsecondary education research and virtual learning opportunities.

Youth Participant Wages are $11.00/hr – Bi-Weekly Pay for up to 120 hours of youth participation. Students are encouraged to select Debit Card payment arrangements.  MET will monitor, assess and give timely student feedback each week .